Protein Powder

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 • 6 Plant Protein Powder

 • 25g of protein per serving

 • Clean, ingredient-led blend

MYO’s REBUILD plant protein is a pea, rice and hemp blend that provides a complete, balanced protein to hit your macronutrient needs. Stevia, guar gum and natural plant based flavouring create a great taste and texture.

Containing 25g of protein and only 2g fat per serving, our REBUILD protein delivers high-quality, performance-led, functional nutrients to help keep you at the top of your game.


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What is it

Our six-plant protein, combining pea, rice and hemp protein with stevia, guar gum and natural flavouring.

What it does

Provides your body with the protein it needs to build and repair tissue.

Why it works

Consuming protein around your workout provides your muscles with amino acids, crucial building blocks that aid in muscle repair.

6 High Quality Ingredients

Simple, straight-forward, quality ingredients free from THC. Specially formulated to help you meet your objectives, everyday.

  • A high quality protein derived from peas, particularly high in leucine and lysine.

  • Particulary high in leucine, valine, threonine and isoeucine, rice protein is one of the most complete plant proteins.

  • Derived from crushed hemp seeds, hemp protein is high in omega 3 and omega 6.

  • A drought-resistant plant of the pea family, guar gum is a natural plant based thickener.

  • A shrub native to tropical and subtropical America, stevia is a natural, plant based, calorie free sweetener.

  • Derived from plants, our flavourings are natural, distinctive and taste fantastic.


Whether you’re tracking your macros, counting carbs or just a curious consumer, find all the nutrition information you need right here.

How to Use

Add a two heaped scoop (40g) to 350ml of water, plant milk or into a smoothie, mix thoroughly and consume immediately.