BCAA’s, CBD, Glutamine

A clean, innovative amino acid blend, combining BCAA’s, CBD and Glutamine to help optimise your daily performance.
As low as £25.00

10mg of CBD per serving

100% Plant-based

Plastic-free packaging & biodegradable scoop

Delivering 4g BCAA’s, 10mg CBD and 5g Glutamine per serving, our REPAIR blend is a tasty, straightforward way to up your Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine and Glutamine intake.

The perfect addition to your pre or post workout routine.

Natural flavouring and stevia provides a delicious, refreshing flavour.

Nutritional Information Per serving (11g)
L-leucine 2g
L-glutamine 5g
L-glutamine 5g
Cannabidiol 10mg
Not a nasty plastic tub in sight. MYO packaging is 100% recyclable. Using cardboard tubes and biodegradable scoops, we help make the right choice, the easy choice when it comes to shopping for performance supplements.




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