Here at MYO Plant Nutrition, we take our workout routine pretty seriously. Understandably, this means the last few weeks without being able to hit the gym have taken their toll. But hey, we’re taking everything in our stride which means our workouts have had to shift location for the time being. Where, you ask? Well, most of the time right here in our living rooms!


Not having access to home workout equipment like dumbbells or machines has been hard, we’ll admit it, but at the same time, it’s forced us to be creative with the different ways in which we push ourselves and hold ourselves accountable to our fitness goals.


We know we’re not alone in the struggle, which is why we decided to put together a list of our favourite bodyweight exercises you can do at home, no home workout equipment required. Sticking to the basics we are focussing on primal movement patterns. Think squats, deadlifts and pullups. Real bang-for-your-buck moves, so let’s get stuck into them!




You know what they say about leg day! These moves are ideal when it comes to strengthening your quads, glutes and everything in-between. Like all exercises, the most important points to remember are: 


  1.  the mind-muscle connection 
  2.  proper execution of the movement


Home workout or not, there is no point doing 100 squats if only 10 of them are done correctly. Conscious, purposeful movements are what we want here. 10 reps of each, for 5 rounds will do the trick. Make sure you rest for 10 seconds in between each move.


  1. Squat 

The squat itself is what’s considered a foundational human movement. It’s a move that humans have been doing for centuries, and good squat form builds the foundation to many other aspects of human strength. The gains from your squats carry over to other movements, both in and out the gym.


  1. Lunge

The lunge is a fantastic movement to even out any muscular imbalances between the legs. Great for working both your glutes and your quads, while also working your hamstrings, core and back muscles due to their role as stabilisers for the movement.


  1. Squat Jump

This is a powerful plyometric movement and is one of our favourites. It’s fantastic at helping build speed and power. The more power you build, the quicker you can move a weight from A to B. Explosive movements like this lead to a higher heart rate and in turn, higher calorie burning. Make sure you’ve fully warmed up before jumping into these!


  1. Romanian Deadlift (aka stiff leg deadlift)

This is a powerful move for hamstring development and overall posterior chain health. Don’t have a bar hanging around at home? No worries, simply grab 2 backpacks, fill them with books, bags of rice, anything really and slide them on to either end of a broom or mop. Viola, DIY deadlift bar, you’re welcome! Make sure to squeeze your glutes and keep your back in a neutral position to maintain proper form.


  1. Glute Bridge

When executed with proper form, this move is a killer for your glutes! Placing some sort of weight on your pelvic area helps you really feel a difference in the work your glutes have to do to perform this movement. Strong glutes and hamstrings often translate to stronger compound movements in general, meaning this is a great move to see all round results.




Incorporating upper body movements into your home workout plan without the help of weights might feel impossible, but rest assured, the below exercises are going to make you forget all about your dumbbells! Who knew a workout at home could be so effective?


  1. Push Up:

The humble push-up! What an exercise to develop your upper body – think chest, triceps and shoulders. Want to take it a little further? Add some resistance with weighted objects that are comfortable to balance on your back. Think bags of rice or similar. It may not seem like much, but everything counts. Desperate times call for desperate measures!


  1. Pike Push Up

This variation of the push up specifically targets your shoulders. It’s a more advanced exercise but when executed correctly, can help develop great shoulder strength and mobility.


  1. Bodyweight Dip

Find yourself a sturdy chair or the end of a couch, get your legs out straight, and dip… and again… and again. Don’t stop until it burns! Want to take it up a notch? Raise your legs up to increase difficulty. 


  1. Bodyweight Skull Crusher

After those dips, you’re going to be struggling here! Think of these guys as the close grip push-up’s evil siblings. Hands shoulder-width apart, spine in a neutral position and squeeze those triceps.


  1. Pull Up

This one’s pretty straight forward, simply grab a bar (or tree, or door!) and pull! If you’re just starting out, try starting from the top position and slowly lowering yourself. This will help build the muscles that you’ll need to hit your first proper pull up.




No home workout would be complete without some solid ab exercises to bring that six-pack back to its former glory. Hold them until your abs throw in the towel.


  1. Plank

A strong core is the foundation of most movements. Stronger core = better squats, deadlifts, overhead press etc. you get the picture! When it comes to execution, brace up, get your stopwatch out and unless you’re a real beginner, no knees here.



  1. Side Plank.

What a move for core stability! Ever felt yourself tilting to one side in a squat or shoulder press? Here’s your solution. Really focus on squeezing your obliques, keeping a neutral back and neck, and hold for as long as form allows. Make sure you execute on both sides.



There you have it, 12 moves for a full-body workout at home, no equipment necessary!


Remember, these moves can be adapted for both hard core athletes and beginners alike, and the reps can be tweaked and adapted to suit your fitness goals. Your home workouts will never be the same again. Who would have thought you could smash a workout like this without any fancy home workout equipment? If there is one thing COVID-19 is teaching us all, it’s resourcefulness and that we can really do so much with what we have available to us, we just need to get a little bit creative. What workouts are you doing at home? Any moves you think we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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